What will the webinar cover?

Local councils across the UK have vacant, derelict and brownfield sites, “eye-sores” which are not deemed suitable for development, or are part of longer-term regeneration schemes which will take some years to be realised, and in the meantime stand empty.

This panel discussion on 21 September at 14:00 BST brings together panellists involved with projects to make better use of marginal and vacant brownfield sites, either on an interim basis, or for soft-end uses as part of wider regeneration projects, to discuss how these projects achieve social, natural capital and sustainability goals.


  • Gail Atkinson, Project Leader: Climate Change Adaptation, Forest Research 
  • Jon Davies, Technical Director, RSK Biocensus & Head of RSK Wilding
  • Josh Rawson, Business Development Manager, Square Mile Farms

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